Ouch! Quotes and Quips Band Aids

Ouch! Quotes and Quips Band Aids

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I know when I get a boo boo, the first thing I think of is Monty Python. What? Does that make me weird? Next time you find yourself with a cut or bruise, cover it with one of the many sayings of the Quotes and Quips Band Aids. Popular quotes from classic philosophers and poets like Friedrich Nietsche and Jane Fonda. Dude, Jane Fonda is a modern day Socrates...with really good abs. When the pain starts flowing from that scraped knee, just put on a Quotes and Quips Band Aid and remember I'm not dead yet!
Quotes and Quipes from Ouch!
-That which does not kill us makes us stronger. - Friedrich Nietche
-Tis but a flesh wound. - Monty Python
-No pain, no gain - Jane Fonda
-While there's life, there's hope. - Cicero
-A little pain never hurt anyone. - Unknown
-Everybody hurts - REM

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