Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags

Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags

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The lunch bug bags will solve all of your lunch problems. Are you tired of Phil, the accountant, stealing your lunch every day? It's like elementary, high school and some college all over again. Take charge of your lunch by putting it in the Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags. Each bag has a bug printed on it, so it will look like your lunch is infested. Not even Phil will put his dirty mitts on your lunch, if he thinks it's one step away from a salmonella outbreak.

Every box has 24 bug filled bags ready for your lunch time excursions. Next time, pack a lunch with a surprise.

We love pranks and dirty little tricks, so we couldn’t pass up the Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags. Your friends and co-workers will run from the cafeteria screaming when you open your lunch box, and that’s just good fun had by all. You might want to skip it on the day the Health Department shows up for inspection though. So. Much. Paperwork.


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  • Mindy . Jul 30, 2011
    I got these lunch bags for my nephew and he just loved them. He is so excited about taking them to school!
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