Finger Monster Tattoos

Finger Monster Tattoos

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Were you always jealous of the kid who could turn his hand into a hilarious puppet with a simple ballpoint pen? You’re not the only one whose lack of creativity or artistic talent has left him sitting frownie-faced on the sidelines during impromptu hand puppet shows.

But, alas, there’s good news for all! Finger Monsters temporary tattoos are leveling the hand puppet playing field by turning even the least artistic digits into fun and functional finger puppets!

Each package of Finger Monsters temporary finger puppet tattoos comes with a selection of 20 individual tats for hours of fun.

Finger Monsters are great gifts for all the fun-loving would-be hand puppeteers on your shopping list.

Kids love puppets and temporary tattoos, and now they can act out their own little Monster Theater with the Finger Monster Tattoos. We love them because they’re inexpensive, inspire creativity and can keep kids entertained for hours. They fit on little hands and look so cute, you'll go into adorable overload. Plus, there are enough in each package that you can join in the fun yourself! 


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