Festival Feet - Red

Festival Feet - Red

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You don’t want to be the only one out on the muddy festival circuit without Festival Feet – Red shoe covers. Your $100 shoes that were designed to look grungy so you can be “authentic” won’t last long in the water-soaked and muddy fields of the many musical festivals that are around.

Festival Feet – Red will cover your shoes and protect them from the hard weather and mucky terrain of a popular fair or festival. Woodstock has become legendary, but many shoes were lost during that epic musical extravaganza. Don’t let your pair of kicks be another casualty.

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s getting my shoes caked with mud and dirt while at a concert, festival or even fair. I love the Festival Feet – Red because they saved my shoes and let me go straight from the festival to the night club without tracking mud everywhere. Ok, so it was a Denny’s, but they had some really rockin’ muzak playing.


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