The Toilet Screamer

The Toilet Screamer

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Surprise your family, friends, and coworkers with the Toilet Screamer! This little device turns an ordinary trip to the bathroom into one they'll never forget. When they lift up the lid to the toilet, it lets out a frightening scream! And even though it is called the "Toilet" Screamer, don't think the fun has to end there! You can use the Toilet Screamer to get a rise out of people just about anywhere! Place it in a co-worker's desk drawer, or in your little sister's jewelry box for screaming fun everywhere.

If you’re feeling pranky, the Toilet Screamer is sure to bring some serious drama to the loo. Whenever an unsuspecting potty-goer lifts the lid of the toilet, the machine lets out a hair-raising scream that will literally scare the crap out of them. THIS, friends, is the delicious evil that makes us get out of bed every day.


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