Fake Human Poop

Fake Human Poop

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There's nothing more infuriating than racing to the john with a potty emergency and finding a turd floating in the pot. What better way to teach Mr. McNasty to practice common courtesy in the bathroom than by giving him a dose of his own medicine?

The only way to upstage a floating butt-bomb is to leave this realistic-looking fake poop on the seat of the toilet before his next attack. The Fake Poop Party Pooper looks like the real McCoy, but without the stinky fudge-fingers!

Prankster's hint: Amp up the gross factor by smudging a little chocolate bar on the seat and cracking open one of our rotten egg smelling Stink Bombs. The results will be epic!
Check out the party pooper in action:

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Looks so real, its scary! Try putting this fake piece of poop out at your next party and see what your guests do. If you have polite friends, be careful that they don't flush the commode! Great way to frame your friend of having an accident on the toilet seat. A joke that won't get old.

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  • debra . Jan 12, 2011
    It's amazing how real this looks :) I left it in my office bathroom and loved watching all the other women come out of the bathroom with HORRIFIED expressions on their faces! Needless to say, no one got close enough to it to see if it was real... A 'must' for any poo enthusiast.
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