I Say Bad Words Mints

I Say Bad Words Mints

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I Say Bad Words Mints

Very Bad Words.

I Say Bad Words Mints are dedicated to parents who have experienced the jaw-dropping, WHAT-DID-YOU-JUST-SAY, wanting to crawl under a rock moment their cherubs drop an F-Bomb at a family reunion. If your little angel’s vocabulary has expanded into the R-rating zone, you should have a tin of these delicious wintergreen breath mints handy at all times, if nothing more than to keep his dirty mouth busy until you’ve recovered enough to look your grandma in the eye again.

Buuuuuut … On the Other Hand …

I Say Bad Words Mints are also a treat-filled merit badge for the swear jar-busting, potty-mouthed, profanity artists that work in obscenities like Picasso with paint. They can throw filthy words into a sentence in ways the average mind would never conceive of, and somehow, it still makes total freaking sense. Extraordinary!

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

  • Hilarious tin filled with wintergreen breath mints
  • Collectible tin reads: I Say Bad Words. Very Bad Words.
  • Contains approximately 165 refreshing mints
  • Funny, unique gift for potty mouths and profanity artists

A Gift for the Chronically Unfiltered

Whether you’re the offending naughty word warrior or know someone who’s language would make a sailor cringe, I Say Bad Words Mints are a go-to for any gift-giving occasion. Filled with wintergreen breath mints, this hilarious gift for adults and teens is an awesome stocking stuffer, unisex white elephant gift, or addition to birthday gift bags, care packages, or Easter baskets for teens and grownups alike. 

Why We Love It

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