Just Bagged a Turd Hand Sanitizer

Just Bagged a Turd Hand Sanitizer

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Nothing Says Class Like a Fresh Steamer!

You love your pet as much – if not more – than any other member of the family. That love is so strong, you faithfully take him for strolls around your neighborhood, wait for him to do his business, and then handpick his poop from other people’s yards. That’s an act of devotion that deserves some special recognition – and hygiene. When it’s time to take Fido out, don’t forget to take your Just Bagged A Turd Hand Sanitizer!  

No matter how many pairs of gloves you wear, there’s always the chance of getting some rogue poo on you. Whip out your Just Bagged A Turd Hand Sanitizer, and slather those hands until you’re 100 percent satisfied they’re as sterile as the dog. Don’t risk being the pet parent with pooch poo hanging out on you.

Spec, Features, and Bragging Rights

- Hilarious gift for those who love their puppies enough to bag up their booty biscuits in public

- Contains 2 ounces of germ killing, bacteria-fighting hand sanitizer

- The perfect gift for all the dog lovers and puppy parents on your shopping list

- Made in the USA

Bagging a Turd

Everyone knows dog lovers who walk behind their pups and bag their poop without  gloves. It’s disgusting, but they grab those steaming turds with their bare hands and trot away with those tushy trophies like nobody’s watching. When you see this, run over with Just Bagged a Turd Hand Sanitizer and squirt a few generous dollops into their hands. It’s a thoughtful public service, not only for them, but anyone they encounter. Teach them not to shake their paws with anyone but their pooch unless they’ve properly sanitized. It’s just good breeding.

Why We Love It

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