Survive Your Teenage Daughter System

Survive Your Teenage Daughter System

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A Parent’s Sanity Protector

She’s entitled. She’s emotional, and you love her. Your teenage daughter complains more than anyone else you know, and you’re tired of hearing about betraying friends, ruined lives and why she needs the latest iPhone. The How To Survive Your Teenage Daughter System is the lifesaver every parents needs to get through the formative years.

Who Would Love The How To Survive Your Teenage Daughter System?

These are geared towards parents who have to listen to their daughters ramble on and on about how their friends are stealing their boyfriends and demon math teachers who are out to ruin their lives. Don’t get stuck in a life of vacuous conversations and teenage angst.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will they help her get into college?

Sorry, while they’re a buffer for your sanity, it doesn’t do much for hers. Your best hope is that she’ll realize you’re not listening, stop talking and actually do her homework. Perhaps, she’ll be so annoyed that she’ll actually make a decision on what she wants to do with her life besides being Justin Bieber’s backup dancer. We’re not miracle workers.

Do they fit comfortably?

Yes, they fit very well and can be adjusted for different head sizes. Whatever you do, don’t let your teenage daughter wear them, or she’ll never hear a word you say. Sure, she acts like that now anyway, but you know some of it gets through the selfie fog. You might want to take them off every now and then, she might actually have something worthwhile to say. Maybe.

Why We Love It

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