Texting on the Toilet Hand Sanitizer

Texting on the Toilet Hand Sanitizer

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You’re not fooling anyone. Toilet texting is a daily occurrence for all of us. Poomunicate responsibly with Texting on the Toilet Hand Sanitizer!

All Hail the Multitasker

The ladies and gents of our generation are pros at multitasking our ways through the day. One of the greatest innovations to aid in our efficiency is the cellphone, an essential time-saving bathroom communication device. In the past, some were bold enough to take the house phone into the john, but it was trickier. If you didn’t remember to mute the phone at key moments, your own bodily functions would betray you and embarrassment was sure to follow. Now, with mobile devices, we can text and poo at the same time, and nobody need ever be the wiser. During such occasions, it’s always handy to keep bottle of Texting on the Toilet Hand Sanitizer around.

Sanitize Before You Chat

You may wonder why this little gem is important when you will just – hopefully – be washing your hands after you’re done anyway. Texting on the Toilet Hand Sanitizer is not only helpful after you do your business, but before! Think of all the germy surfaces you touch in a public restroom before you actually pull out your phone. Now, consider the fact that you’re going to be tappy tap tapping all those nasties all over your cell, which you’ll be holding right up to your face later. Yeah.

Kill that bacteria brigade before you start texting, with the appropriate grime fighter, Texting on the Toilet Hand Sanitizer!

Texting on the Toilet Hand Sanitizer comes in a hilarious 2 ounce bottle of aloe enriched sanitizer, labeled “Just Texting on the Toilet Real Quick.” It’s the perfect size for purses or pockets, and makes a thoughtful, hysterical stocking stuffer for all the toilet texters on your holiday shopping list. 

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