You Smell Like Shit Hand Sanitizer

You Smell Like Shit Hand Sanitizer

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You Smell Like Shit Hand Sanitizer

When you encounter a beastly individual who reeks as though he dropped a load in his pants, you need to grab the You Smell Like Shit Hand Sanitizer. Don’t take the chance of collecting his poo bacteria and passing it along; reach for the only hand sanitizer made specifically for such gag-worthy situations. There’s a reason why people smell like shit, and it involves shit. They may have sharted, stepped in it, or scratched their behind. It’s best not to ask questions; put that specialized sanitizer to work.

Smell Ya Later

No one likes the smell of shit. If you want to keep others from passing on their poo smell to you, then you need You Smell Like Shit Hand Sanitizer. They’ll get the drift after the first use. Hopefully.

Who Would Love You Smell Like Shit Hand Sanitizer?

Any germaphobe that can’t stand the thought of poop particles invading their skin needs You Smell Like Shit Hand Sanitizer. It’s perfect for parents who are confronted daily with poopy diapers and politicians to help cover up their natural aroma. They’re full of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

My uncle always smells like shit. Will this help keep me from smelling like shit?

There are few social faux paus more embarrassing than smelling like shit. You’ll get a reputation just like your uncle. This should protect you as long as you don’t go around dropping a load in your pants. If you do, then you’ll need way more than just a hand sanitizer.

What are poop particles?

Poop particles are the microscopic bacteria and refuse created by poo. When a person scratches their butt or touches poo, those particles are transferred to them. Don’t risk being caught brown-handed with poop particles. The You Smell Like Shit Hand Sanitizer is all the protection you’ll need. 

Why We Love It

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