Fatherhood Stinks Odor Relief Mask

Fatherhood Stinks Odor Relief Mask

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Fatherhood Stinks Odor Relief Mask

Dad. He’s the rock. He works hard to provide for everyone, and still makes time to teach the kids to fish and ride bikes, cheer the loudest at all their games, and pass along pearls of wisdom…like never trusting someone when they ask you to pull their finger. He happily embraces all the duties of raising his brood with pride, but let’s face it, sometimes fatherhood stinks…literally.

The Fatherhood Stinks Odor Relief Mask is a daddy’s first line defense when his dadly duty includes the vast array of stenches that hazard the job. From dirty diapers to the inhuman myriad of funk that comes with a properly enjoyed Taco Tuesday, the old man boldly pushes through and still loves you anyway.

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

  • Includes one life-saving odor relief mask
  • A revolution in anti-reek technology
  • Protects the wearer from bathroom mishaps, crop dustings, and 18+ years of mystery odors
  • Also handy when changing diapers, transporting post-game teenagers, and bravly reaching into the couch
  • Oxygen tank not included

Protection from the Harsh Reality of Kid Stink

No matter how cute, bright, or gifted a child is, at any given age, from babyhood to his wedding day, your kid will provide a symphony of odors that no nose should ever have to endure. The Fatherhood Stinks Odor Relief Mask is a small mercy in dark, smelly world.  

Stay safe with the Fatherhood Stinks Odor Relief Mask. Simply connect your emergency odor mask to any oxygen tank you may have on hand and BOOM! Instant relief! Breathe free, daddio, you deserve it!

Why We Love It

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