Dumpster Fire 2020 Stress Putty

Dumpster Fire 2020 Stress Putty

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Dumpster Fire 2020 Stress Putty

2020 has been the craziest year in the history of ever, and we were lucky enough to be here for it. Celebrate this great fortune with Dumpster Fire Stress Putty. It’s a compact tension reliever you can take anywhere, because if there’s one thing we’ve all learned, it’s that we need to be ready for anything.

Our awesome 2020 Therapy Putty makes light of the most dramatic year ever. Inside the funny metal tin is our extraordinary red stress putty. Not only is it relaxing to squish, squeeze, and stretch away daily tension, it’s formulated so it won’t dry out. It’s stress relief that lasts as long as EVERY SINGLE DAY of 2020 has.

Everyone Will Love This Funny Novelty PuttyThis unique stress toy for kids, teens, and adults is a loaded with laughs for everyone who made it through this marathon of madness. The squishy blob of joy is fantastic for work and play, and they’ll love having it on hand.

Dumpster Fire Putty is a funny gag gift to give your friends and family for any occasion. You can count on a gut-busting laughter when give this weird fidget toy as a crazy birthday gift, stocking stuffer, white elephant gift or Secret Santa present.


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