Nail Through Finger Prank

Nail Through Finger Prank

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There's nothing funnier than a gaping wound caused by a giant metal spike! The Nail Through the Finger Joke is sure to gross out your friends and family as they drag you to the nearest emergency room. The joke consists of bloody gauze and a fake nail that simply slips onto your finger. It's so realistic it might even give you a double take after you place it on your finger. This is the perfect gift for the class pranskter, a do-it-yourselfer with a funny streak or any weekend woodworking enthusiast looking for a little sympathy.

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  • Robby . Apr 23, 2011
    From a distance, this does look very real! You have to get extremely up close to tell any different. I have already scared my parents, a few of my friends, and even pranked my professor. The reaction is great, the cost is a deal, and its hysterical!
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