Index Finger Sticky Page Markers

Index Finger Sticky Page Markers

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Need a hand? Or at least an extra finger or two?

If you’ve ever tried to mark several pages in a book for future reference or to use during a presentation, you’ve probably wished it was easier to find the exact spot on the page again too. Don’t lose time scanning the page for right text, point it out with our Index Fingers page markers.

Our repositionable, self-adhesive Index Fingers page markers are handy for marking books, documents, lists and more. Simply place the finger on the page so it’s marking the exact spot you’d like to reference and bam, no more searching.

80 Index Fingers page markers per box.

When we're pouring through massive volumes of oddities, novelties and funny crap you couldn’t dream up in a million years, we always wish we had a few more fingers to mark those ever important passages. We love the Index Fingers Sticky Page Markers because we can keep track of everything that’s awesome without closing our own phalanges in a book…again. Convenient and painfree? We knew we picked some winners with these bad boys. 


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