BBQ Guitar Spatula

BBQ Guitar Spatula

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Everyone knows that you can rock a steak like nobody’s business, but you can make it official with the BBQ Guitar Spatula. This instrument of metal mayhem is great at picking up and flipping your favorite steak or burgers on the grill, but it really shines with that awesome air guitar you do to “Ace of Spades.”

The BBQ Guitar Spatula is shaped like a standard guitar, so it would be great for that acoustic version of “November Rain” or when you’re rocking out to Taylor Swift. Yes, we know you do. Don’t be ashamed.

Rock On With Your BBQ Self

Cooking is a lot like conducting an orchestra or playing in a band. A few fluid movements, and you’re creating art where there was only formless chaos before. The BBQ Guitar Spatula is your instrument of destiny. Some have guitars, drums, lutes, flutes and cellos, but you’re making beautiful music on the grill.

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Awesomely practical

- We built this spatula on rock ‘n’ roll

- Great for music fans

Who Would Love BBQ Guitar Spatula?

Do you know someone who couldn’t pay an instrument or carry a tune, but can grill meat like a maestro? They’ll love the BBQ Guitar Spatula, because they’ll finally get the recognition they deserve as a rock star of the BBQ without even needing to take lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it actually play music?

It may not have strings and play music in the traditional sense, but for the artist of the grill they are instruments and the sizzling of the meat is there music. For every perfectly made hamburger and steak, there’s a chart topping number one hit that everyone will enjoy.

Is it a good spatula?

Every chef needs the proper tools, and for the rock star in your family or circle of friends, this is the Les Paul of the spatula world. Every flip is a stairway to heaven and every mouthwatering bite is like sex and candy. This is not just a good spatula it’s the Grammy Awards followed by an Elton John after party.

To a barbecuer, the spatula is his Excalibur. A legendary weapon forged by the gods, and for the BBQ Guitar Spatula, those gods are Van Halen, Motley Crue and Poison. We love the BBQ Guitar Spatula, because we love music. What better way to conquer a steak than with an axe?


Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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