Grow A Girlfriend

Grow A Girlfriend

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Tired of those lonely nights in front of the television while the rest of your friends are out living it up with their girlfriends? The Grow a Girlfriend creates the perfect soul mate by just dipping her in water. She won't nag about the socks being on the floor or how annoying your womanizing friends are. Do you have a friend that just can't seem to find Ms. Right or know a married man or woman that needs a little excitement on the side? The Grow A Girlfriend is the perfect gag gift to get them started.

We’ve all had a hard time finding that special someone at some point in our lives, so we couldn’t pass up Grow A Girlfriend. We love that no matter if you have the personality of a rock and the looks of something Jim Henson created for Labyrinth, you can still get a little TLC if you just add water.


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  • Courtney . Apr 4, 2011
    We gave 6 of these to my brother who hasnt been on a date for over a year. Its a funny idea and can really make someone smile. He laughed at the first one, but when we gave him the other 5; he was giggling hysterically. The fact is, he has already dipped 3 of them in water and placed them around the house specifically when we come over. Its a laugh we still have!
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