Mooning Lawn Gnome

Mooning Lawn Gnome

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Who knew those little gnomes that sit innocently in your garden are actually exhibitionist perverts looking for a cheap thrill? The Mooning Lawn Gnome features an old gnome bending over and showing the world his gnomish cheeks. Expect a double take or two when people go outside and see this little guy in your garden or sitting on a shelf. In a sea of bashful and playful gnomes, the Mooning Lawn Gnome stands out in the crowd and not just because of the light bouncing off his derriere. Give this little horndog a home and share with the world the backside of gnomish delight. Once you go gnome, there's no going back.

We love the Mooning Lawn Gnome because a quality yard requires garden gnomes.  And what is classier than a gnome with his—as Forrest Gump is prone to say—butt-tocks in the air? How ‘bout several Mooning Lawn Gnomes, you cheeky—that is, butt-cheeky—pal!


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