The Tailgater’s Football BBQ Set

The Tailgater’s Football BBQ Set

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6 Piece Football Barbecue Set with Apron and Tote

Football wouldn’t be football without barbecue and tailgating, but not everyone is die-hard enough to bring the pigskin straight to the pit. The Tailgater’s Football BBQ Set includes everything you need to become king of the culinary gridiron.  This stylish barbecue set comes with three football inspired tools, an apron, cooking mitt and handy stitched tote for grilling on the go.

Your friends will be inspired by your backyard ensemble, and you’ll always be the go-to house on game day. This is the perfect gift for the football fans in your life, and will be the first round draft pick every time they fire up their grills.

Don’t let your favorite armchair quarterback end up on the sidelines for bad grilling, get him the Tailgater’s Football BBQ Set.

Football BBQ Set

Meet The Team

Stitched Football Tote: Our specially designed football tote has sturdy carrying straps and embroidered stitching on the outside and enough room to keep your entire set safe at the ready inside. You’ll have everything you need for home or tailgating all in one place.

Football Spatula – Perfect for flipping even the biggest burger in town, the football-shaped steel spatula with wooden handle is a key player.

Football Tongs – The sleekly designed, wooden handled football tongs are perfect for tackling any meat or veggie in its path.

Football Fork – Sharp and strong, this guy is eager to sink its teeth right into the opposition. Oh, the humanity!

Football Mitt – The mitt may seem soft, but he takes his job seriously and you won’t get burned when he’s on hand.

Football Apron- The football apron doesn’t just look good, it keeps the team together while you’re manning the grill. This guy has utility pockets made especially for the tools and mitt to keep them within reach at all times.

Football BBQ Grilling Set

A Grilling Touchdown

Bench all the stray barbecuing tools you’ve collected over the years, and let the big boys take the field. You’ll look like a pro when you bring in the Tailgater’s Football BBQ Set, because it includes everything you need to grill one tasty touchdown after another. The unique tools are strong and durable, the mitt will keep you safe from harm and the apron keeps those nasty stains off your favorite Jersey.

Football Grilling Set

Taking the Team Approach

When you put together a team, it’s important that every man does his part, but works together as one. Piecing together random accessories and tools almost always ends in a grill day fail, because things get lost. That’s what makes the Football BBQ Set the MVP of grilling teams. Designed to work together for a solid victory, these accessories are all you need to bring home a win.


Who Would Love the Tailgater’s Football BBQ Set with Apron and Tote?

There are two things all men love: grilling and football. By combining the two, you’re creating a universe in perfect harmony.  Every die hard who spends his weekends huddled over a grill searing the best steaks on the planet while screaming his favorite teams on to victory will love this. He’ll almost forget where his fantasy football team stands when he’s digging into a perfectly cooked steak or burger, and the Football Barbecue Set will help him get it right every time.


Frequently Asked Questions


Will this actually make me a better griller?

Grilling is all about talent and tools of the trade, so at least you’ll have half of that covered. It doesn’t matter how good a cook you are if the bbq tools you use are bargain basement and boring. Even if you screw up the food, you’ll still look great at the grill.


Will it help my team win?

It can’t hurt. While we can’t say that this will actually make the chances of your team’s victory any better, we can say with 100% confidence that it won’t make them any worse.  Even if they do lose, you’ll be so caught up in the taste of that amazing burger or steak you most likely won’t care.

Why We Love It

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