WTF Sticky Notes

WTF Sticky Notes

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There are days when you get requests from people and you're just left standing there slack-jawed with three letters stuck in your head: WTF. When people give you outlandish or confusing directions or suggestions, write down your grievances on the WTF Sticky Notes and let them know they have no idea what they're talking about. So next time the pool boy tries talking to you about politics or a bald co-worker tells you that your hair is falling out, slap WTF Sticky Notes on their heads and walk away knowing you got your messages across loud and clear.

Who hasn't had a WTF day? NOBODY. Whether you're the boss or a drone, there's always someone willing to sabotage your workday with a whole mess of WTF moments. We're here to support your need to get those negative feelings out without losing your job. Besides, it's freaking funny.


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