Hand & Foot Nail Clippers Combo

Hand & Foot Nail Clippers Combo

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Are you tired of catchy your nasty roommate funking up your nail clippers with his slimy toe jam? Get him a Hand and Foot Nail Clippers Set and never have to disinfect your fingernail clippers again.

This charming set will end any confusion with a single glance. Each clipper is molded in the shape of either a hand or a foot, so any clipper-related guesswork is a distant memory.

Both clippers come with a handy chain to link them together or hook them to your keyring for clippy convenience. The adorable Hand and Foot Nail Clippers set is perfect for purses, desk drawers, vanities or medicine chests.

Anything that can make the boring and mundane a little more fun and exciting always catches our interest. The Hand and Foot Nail Clippers add some silly whimsy to the classic nail clipper. Each one is shaped like the appendage it’s made for. While everyone else is clipping their nails with some conventional metal clipper, these babies are making a fashion statement.


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