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Crap Mug

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When things just aren’t going your way and everything seems like a giant pile of dookie, pull out your Crap Mug and let the world know you’re having a crappy day.

The Crap Mug features the letters RAP in big bold print and the handle makes the letter C to complete the word. It’s somewhat subdued, so people may think you’re a big fan of rap music, but you’ll know the truth.

This hilarious coffee cup is perfect for the office where you can raise your “RAP” to all your supervisor’s crappy ideas.

One Crappy Coffee Mug

Sometimes crap is the only word that sums up the kind of morning, day or even week you’re having. The Crap Mug is the perfect accessory to a bad day. It sends out a clear and concise message that you’re have a crappy day, and it’s best to just stay away. We all have those days, and this mug was made for them.

Specs, features and bragging rights

When set down, C handle and RAP mug say it all

Your go-to Monday mug

Holds approximately 12 ounces

Hand wash recommended

Who Would Love the Crap Mug?

This is the perfect gift for that eternal pessimist who always seems to be having a bad day. Maybe his car broke down or hair didn’t come out just the way he wanted it, so his days is completely ruined. It’s also great for anyone that likes to subtlety tell the boss she’s full of crap, and that’s pretty much everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the C really unseen behind my hand?

Yes, indeed, if you’re holding the cup, no one will know it says crap. Just be careful when you set it down somewhere. As soon as your hand is off the handle, everyone will know exactly what it means. Your boss might not be so forgiving, so keep your hands on the cup.

Can I actually put crap in it?

It depends on what you mean by crap? If you want to put random crap like pens and paperclips in the cup, that’s totally cool. If you mean actually putting crap into it, then you might need some therapy. The Crap Mug isn’t actually made to hold crap, but hey, we don’t judge. 

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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