New Parts For Old Farts

New Parts For Old Farts

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As you get older, certain parts start to droop a little further than they used to and hair starts growing out of places that never should have hair. Take heart, New Parts For Old Farts can give you a new lease on life or at least a good laugh. New teeth, hair, ear and more grow when they get soaked in water. It's a nice change since most things shrink when you get older or shrivel up when you're in the water. This is the perfect gift for that retiree at work or your best friend who is getting a little long in the teeth.

We love the New Parts for Old Farts because as you get older, your body starts to look, for lack of a better word, old. And unless you want to look like a Real Housewife, or worse an actress on the Real Housewives, then surgery isn't an option.  Until now.  With the New Parts for Old Farts everything looks new.  And funny!


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