Meat Markers: Set of 8

Meat Markers: Set of 8

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Everyone likes their meat cooked a little bit differently. Aunt Meg wants hers well done because she's a germaphobe and wears Kleenex boxes for shoes. Uncle Ned has loves his so rare that it's still mooing and cousin Shirley...well, she's a vegetarian. The list goes on and on. How are you supposed to keep all your meat straight so nobody winds up with an unpleasant surprise? Keep track of how your individual cuts of meat are cooked using Meat Markers.

This set of eight meat markers include well done, medium, rare and even meatless for cousin Shirley. You and your guests will know that their meat was cooked to perfection by the master chef himself. 8 Meat Markers are included to help the guests know when the meat is ready to eat! We didn't forget about the veggie lovers: 2 veggies markers too!

I love my meat medium, but my husband likes his well done. GAG! We love the Meat Marker’s Set of 8, because I never accidentally get his flavorless flank of overcooked nasty, and he doesn’t get a bite of my succulent steak. Everyone who wants to make sure they get what they really want needs a set of these bad boys by their barbecues!


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— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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  • Jared . Mar 1, 2013
    As silly as they seem, they really do make barbecuing a lot easier. I used them when some of friends came over and everyone got exactly what they wanted. Great product.
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