Cupcake Bandages

Cupcake Bandages

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For centuries, children have been trying to convince their parents that cupcakes can cure everything from cuts and bruises to colds and flus. The next time your child tries to scam a few cupcakes for his most recent scrape, put away the desserts and break out the Cupcake Bandages. The bandages feature a delicious cupcake and are large enough to cover most household scrapes and cuts. They may not taste like cupcakes, but these bandages are sure to bring a smile your child's face. Why not add a real cupcake along with it, I hear is can cure almost anything.

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  • Cassie . Apr 1, 2011
    I absolutely love these! I gave them to my maid of honor as a part of her bridesmaid gifts and she adores them! She just opened up her own cupcake shop and stores them in the first aid kit. She even wears them for decoration! Now I know what to get her for every holiday!
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