Cupcake Gumballs

Cupcake Gumballs

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These vanilla flavored gumballs will be a hit with children and adults alike. Who wouldn't love the sweet deliciousness of cupcakes without all the calories?

They are great by themselves or you can decorate frosted cupcakes with a few as a special treat. They make great additions to any birthday party or tasty rewards for your kids when they get their chores done. Each pack contains about 22 gumballs. That's enough to bring smiles to the entire family. When that sweet tooth comes calling, tame it with some scrumptious Cupcake Gumballs.

We enjoy our share of sweet treats, but inhaling cupcake after cupcake isn’t great for our figures. We love the Cupcake Gumballs because they satisfy the sweet tooth without all the annoying calories. It’s like chowing down on a cupcake, without tipping the scales afterward. Now, that’s a delicious win!


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