You're Kind of a Dick Gum

You're Kind of a Dick Gum

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Do you know someone who is such a dick that he should be peeing out of his forehead? Maybe it’s a former boss or annoying acquaintance who is so full of himself that there’s just no better word to describe him? Give him a heads-up on how you feel with our You’re Kind of a Dick Gum.

You're Kind of a Dick Gum lets the puds in your life know point blank that people don’t think very highly of them. Some people can’t help being dicks, it’s just in their nature, but at least you can clue them in and provide them an opportunity to freshen their breath as well. It’s a win-win for everyone. Kind of.

The world has no shortage of dicks out there, so we decided to stock up on You’re Kind of a Dick Gum. It’s a jolly way to express your feelings without actually saying “You’re a dick!” because that would be rude. Give it to your boss, roommate, a jerk on the subway or anyone else who’s just getting on your nerves. In fact, you might want to buy multiple packs in case of a sudden outbreak of dickish behavior.


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