Fake Parking Tickets: Set of 5

Fake Parking Tickets: Set of 5

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Rude and Insulting Fake Parking Tickets

You've seen it a thousand times. People parking across the lines, taking up two spaces because they don't want their precious hot rod hit. Get revenge on these obnoxious parkers with Fake Parking Tickets. They look real and will make these drivers see red--until they exam the ticket.

The Fake Parking Tickets come right out and say what every one else is thinking: You're stupid and don't deserve to drive a carjust in a more interesting, drawn-out, hilarious way.

You may not be able to get them off the streets, but at least you can ruffle a few feathers.

$100 FINE
Having received this traffic offense is evidence of your complete and total disregard for proper parking procedures. You may not appeal this case, as you are probably too dumb to understand that word. You must not appear in court, as you would probably just smell up the court house. You may not consult an attorney as you definitely can not afford one. You are a menace to society, and a real loser. I hope you eat rotten fish for dinner tonight. Failure to laugh over this is further indication of your stupidity.

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