Fake Barf

Fake Barf

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The very idea of fake puke is hilarious. This most disgusting of human bodily emissions is the one thing that almost all people will go out of their way to avoid, no matter how brave or strong they may claim to be. Never mind that it is simply a slightly digested form of the exact same food you enjoy to eat or that cows enjoy their puke as a late afternoon snack.. a puddle of puke will bring your victims running from the room no matter what. You can spend hours debating the contents of this particular fake puke prank. It doesn't matter if it looks more like pizza, raisins, or a cheese steak sandwich, since the one thing it is for certain is disgusting. This fake barf is completely safe and smell-free, although it is doubtful that your victims will get close enough to discover this for themselves. Slip it on the table, floor, or your friend's favorite clubbing shirt. No matter where you put it or how many times you whip it out, fake puke never gets old.

We love the Fake Barf because it's a great product to gross out your friends and family.  It's also a great product for spicing up boring business meetings or stuffy church sessions.  Put the Fake Barf in a coworker's purse or your mom's purse, and laugh as the bosses speech on feelings is interrupted by a prankster's favorite words "Ewwww, gross!"


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