Squirt Toilet Seat Prank

Squirt Toilet Seat Prank

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Fill this awesome prank with water and place the squirter between the seat and the toilet bowl. Next time someone sits on the toilet they will have a very unpleasant surprising squirt in a very unpleasant area! Fill this squirter with water, and stick it under a toilet seat. When someone sits down they get squirted with water. The weight of the person on this causes the water to spray up at them from underneath the toilet seat. The squirt toilet seat prank is great for the family restroom, or other areas that are certainly to get a few victims!

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  • Rita . Apr 11, 2011
    I love this product so much that I bought some for friends! I first played this on my husband who didn't find it very funny in the beginning. Once he found my stash, he played the same prank on me and it's been an ongoing war since. It definitely brought some fun back into our relationship. My only advice is that if you decide to buy and use it; hide it well
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