Fake Atm Receipts

Fake Atm Receipts

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When it comes to your bank account, size does matter. Now you don't have to worry if your real balance is missing a few zeros, with these ATMimitations, you'll have the dates lined up at your door! Picking someone up will be easy at bars, dances, and social events. Simply keep one of these slips in your wallet and when the time comes, write your phone number on the back and hand it to the lucky person. When the see the size of your bank balance, they'll be "digging your gold" in no time! Printed on authentic ATM Paper, it feels and looks real!

Each Receipt shows a balance of at least $314,159.26!

Pack of 10 Receipts!

We all love money, so we couldn’t resist this perfect practical joke. We love walking into a room and feeling like the big spender, even if it’s only on paper. Just be careful. Fake ATM receipts look so real, all your best buds will be expecting you to pay for lunch.


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