Prank Notices

Prank Notices

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Is your roommate a slob? Do your neighbors pump up the volume 'til the wee hours of the morn? Prank Notices provide the perfect payback for that special idiot who makes your life a little less livable! If you're of the passive aggressive persuasion, you can publicly humiliate your nasty nemesis with one of our 9" by 6" prank notices!

Each pack of 10 stickers includes: Condemned, Solid Waste Contamination, Do Not Enter - Crime Scene, Seizure of Drugs, Eviction Notice, Foreclosure, House Arrest, Closed Due to Infestation, Quarantined, and Tax Evasion. When you just need to completely embarrass that certain someone, Prank Notices will deliver!

We firmly believe that mean people deserve their comeuppance, and that’s why we love Prank Notices. These are hilariously funny notices that will drive your rude neighbors and despicable co-workers insane. Go ahead, they earned it.


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