Fake Parking Tickets (Set of 25)

Fake Parking Tickets (Set of 25)

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FAKE PARKING TICKETS FIX THAT JERK WHO IS ALWAYS STEALING YOUR PARKING SPOT! Pad of 25 parking tickets is for those jerks who take up more space than they are entitled to, or they always feel entitled to park wherever they please. Full of hilarious advice and threats. Padded 25 violations.

We love the Fake Parking Tickets because everyone hates parking tickets.  Nobody gets back to their car, sees a piece of paper on their windshield, and screams yes as they flex their biceps like Big Spain, Marc Gasol.  Nope.  Parking tickets suck; and they are a Big Pain in the butt.  So what better way to prank your friends than with these Fake Parking Tickets?


Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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  • Michelle . Jun 22, 2011
    Getting a parking ticket is the worst! if you live in NYC like me and have a car, it's almost a given you will get a parking ticket or two at some point and they are never a pleasant sight to see walking up to your car...I got these fake tickets to prank my bf b/c I knew I would get a good reaction out of him and it totally worked! he went from annoyed about getting a ticket to histerically laughing when he realized i pranked him! he has since played this trick on a few of his friends to and it works every time!
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