Kissy Lip Band Aids

Kissy Lip Band Aids

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The lips band aids will almost make the hurt feel better than when mommy kissed your boo boo. Now, you can have that feeling of security back when you use Kissy Lip Band Aids. Each self-adhesive bandage looks like a pair of sassy, sweet lips to cover your minor scraps and cuts, and heal them with power of smooches. There are 15 lip bandages per collectible tin, so you're all set if your wife decides your too old for a boo boo kiss. Do you have a small cut on your finger? Then let Kissy Lip Band Aids kiss it and make it all better.

We love that Kissy Lips Band Aids are the perfect marriage of nostalgia and sass. Part of being a kid was getting the occasional scrape that only mommy’s kiss could help. With these bad girls, adults can tell pain to kiss it with these luscious lips.  


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  • Amy S. Jan 12, 2011
    Well as a joke I bought one of these cute band aid packages. I never had so much attention. It was a smile maker for sure. The kids think I'm magic because their owies don't hurt with a permanent kiss. Thanks for the great product.
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