Unicorn Bandages

Unicorn Bandages

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Nothing says "I'm secure in my masculinity" as loudly and clearly as covering your scrapes and cuts in Enchanted Unicorn Bandages. You'll be transported to a mystical land filled with rainbows and unicorns as the pain slowly goes away. Okay, so you won't be transported, but at least your little girl will forget about the pain by concentrating on the beautiful horned equine.

Each pack of Enchanted Unicorn Bandages comes with 15 strips and a decorative matching tin. These are perfect for your little princess or sending in a care package to your homesick college student.

Girls love rainbows and unicorns. We all do. It’s just something that has been ingrained into our feminine DNA, so when we get boo boos, Unicorn Bandages are the way to go. It doesn’t matter if you’re 2 or 20, these bandages are sure to magically make you feel better.


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