Mustache Bandages

Mustache Bandages

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If you can't grow a mustache or you nick yourself shaving, you can still look like you have a bushy lipbrow with Mustache Bandages. These hilarious bandages come in a decorative tin and have a latex-free adhesive, so you can save that sensitive skin.

There are four different mustache types to choose from, but may I suggest the handlebar, it's classy, yet sensitive. It's perfect for the man or woman with mustache issues. It's great to cover any nick or cut, but will defeat the purpose if you use it for your Brazilian wax.

Everyone likes a good mustache, just ask Magnum P.I. or any state trooper. We love the Mustache Bandages because they’re a fun and completely out of the ordinary way to cover your scrapes and boo boos. No one notices a boring one, but you’ll definitely get some looks with these fun and unique mustache bandages.


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