Ouch! Little Monkeys Band Aids

Ouch! Little Monkeys Band Aids

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Monkeys have long been known as disease carriers and spreaders of plagues. Am I the only one that saw Outbreak? Still those little typhoid Marys are just darn cute, so why not give them a break and instead of thinking of them as disease infested mutants, why not cover your wound with their faces. Little Monkey Band Aids have pictures of the adorable little primates adorning each strip. These little monkeys will keep you safe from disease and won't even throw their poop at you.

Each tin comes with 24 assorted bandages and we promise there be will no cravings for bananas.

We hate it when little guys and girls get hurt, but we love it when a few cute band aids can make that frown turn upside down. The Ouch! Little Monkey Band Aids are sure to cheer up any child...or husband... when he’s the mayor of Owieville. It's first aid with a built in smile.


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  • Susan J. Aug 18, 2011
    My son loves these Monkey band aids. We call him our little monkey, so these were perfect for him!
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  • Candace . Jun 17, 2011
    Recently bought these bandaids for my nephew and niece...was a little worried they would be more cute than effective, but I am happy to say they are cute AND work just as good as "regular" bandaids...keep the awesome designs & products coming!
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