Ouch! Funny Bones Bandages

Ouch! Funny Bones Bandages

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Everyone gets hurt every now and then, but there' s no reason why a cut or scrape can't bring a smile after the initial tear. The Ouch! Funny Bones Bandages have pictures of skeletons that will make even the nastiest scrape seem a little less serious. Little children will love these bandages for their cool pictures and mom will love how they keep the tears from falling. Make minor injuries a little less painful with Ouch! Funny Bone Bandages. Each Tin contains 24-bandages that are latex free and come in a variety of colors.

Tin includes 24 latex-free bandages!

Variety pack: black, purple, pink, green and red

We hate anything boring and love it when we can show off cool bandages. One naturally leads to the other. We love Ouch! Funny Bones Bandages, because kids and adults can’t get enough of them. Our kids handle minor bumps better because they know they’re going to get the Funny Bones treatment.


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