The Inflatable Christmas Tree

The Inflatable Christmas Tree

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Is there anything better than the idea of Christmas in a can? The Inflatable Christmas Tree makes making your home festive a five minute procedure.

There's no more heading out in the cold to cut down your own tree or spending hundreds of dollars on an artificial one. The Inflatable Christmas Tree easily inflates in minutes from its festive tin and then can be placed on top the tin using the magnet on its base. The tree also features a hole at the end of each bough for you to hang your favorite ornaments from.

We all love Christmas, but not everyone has the time or money for a Christmas tree. The Inflatable Christmas Tree is the perfect alternative for offices, apartments and just about everywhere a little extra holiday cheer is needed. 

A Christmas tree in a can…no needles!

You don’t need a massive pine tree in your house to feel the Christmas spirit. For those with a few space issues, there is the Inflatable Christmas Tree. It comes with its own stand, so all you need is air and some festive ornaments. Scrooge himself couldn’t complain about this awesome holiday decoration.



- Perfect for office, home or dorm

- Adds Christmas cheer anywhere

- Won’t drop needles everywhere

- Easy to set up

- Measures 18-1/2" (47 cm) when fully inflated

- Magnet in the base allows tree to stand on top of tin

- Each limb includes a hole on the end to hang ornaments

- Ornaments are not included


Who Would Love The Inflatable Christmas Tree?

Anyone who doesn’t have a lot of money or space in their home, but still wants to celebrate the holidays will love this. If your office space can’t house a traditional tree, then try this little guy out and see if you can bring a little Christmas cheer to the Scrooges at your work.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it actually come in the can?

Yes, the can not only houses the tree, but also acts as a base when inflated. It’s a quick and easy way to get your tree up and running. There won’t be hours of decorating or expensive lights. It’s just the right thing for those on a Christmas budget. When you’re done, just deflate it and put it back in the can until next year.


Can this really replace a traditional tree?


Christmas isn’t about the decorations and the gifts, but the feelings of joy and happiness that the season brings to people. Anyone who may be hurting financially or with space restrictions can use this tree with ease. Your own Christmas spirit and holiday cheer will make if feel even bigger. If your heart is filled with holiday spirit, then that’s all you need.

Why We Love It

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