Hipster Mustache

Hipster Mustache

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Let the great days of the 70's roll...all three of them...with this testament to bygone days, the hipster mustache.

It's great for a little romantic roll play if you want to be the naughty police officer or the trash-mouthed trucker. The hipster mustache was a classic look that has thankfully gone the way of the mullet and is rarely seen accept in trailer parks and truck stops.

Give the gift that keeps on giving. Help your buddy bring his inner hillbilly to life with the hipster mustache. If he can't quite get that facial hair to grow, then let him live out his fantasy with a 'stache that will have the biker babes sweating in their fringed leathers.

Who doesn’t want to look like a 1970s porn star? We got the Hipster Mustache in homage to the 70s, and you can bring back the decade that brought with it Disco and really bad facial hair. The only thing missing are your bellbottoms and Gloria Gaynor belting out song lyrics.


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