Ranch Floss

Ranch Floss

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Ranch dressing is pretty much good with everything. You could stick a boot in some ranch, and it would not only make it edible, but you'll probably ask for seconds. Why not make flossing a little more appealing with the ranch-flavored tooth floss. It's 27 yards of pure ranch pleasure that will make you think you live in Hidden Valley. This completely useable tooth floss is brimming with ranch goodness, just fight the urge to eat it. It'll totally gum up the works. Ranch is the spice of life and your breath will smell like you just ate a plate of fresh veggies. Only you and your dentist will know the truth.

We love anything that tastes like ranch. You can pretty much dip an old shoe in it and it would taste good, so how could we resist Ranch Floss? It’s a little bit naughty and a little bit nice. You get the health benefits of flossing with the great taste of ranch dressing. If they could only come up with an Italian sub toothpaste it would be perfect.


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