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As men get older, gravity takes its toll on their twig and two berries, so it’s important that they get the support that they need. The Man-T-Hose is designed to be your man’s best friend. It allows you that signature pantyhose feeling with a little extra for your man sausage.

It’s hell getting older, but you can live out your golden years in comfort with Man-T-Hose. The little pecker protector will keep your member ready and waiting for that attractive nurse that’s been giving you the eye or the granny next door with that come hither stare.

Tallywhacker Support Hose

When your best friends are dragging on the floor because gravity has done its nasty job, you’ll need Man-T-Hose. Don’t let them droop any further - give them the support they need with these masculine panty hose. Keep your boys off the floor and nestled where they belong…in your pants.

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Hilarious gag gift for any man

- Red heart adorns the third leg

- Close and cuddly for all his man parts

- Includes funny gift box

- Helps men appreciate what women go through

Who would love Man-T-Hose?

If you see what looks like sweaty balls drooping in the breeze, then be a Good Samaritan and help him out with Man-T-Hose. He’ll love the way it feels to have his two best friends close together again. It’s not easy getting older, but keeping stuff where they belong is an important part of living out your golden years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Man-T-Hose really work?

Support is support, no matter where it comes from, and our Man-T-Hose is one of many ways to keep your fun noodle safe and sound. The hardest part of the Man-T-Hose is getting them on, especially if you are rather well endowed. You might need to get two pairs.

My nuts drag behind me, is it too late?

If you’re willing to get help, then it’s never too late. Even if your berries and possibly even your twig are knocking your knees, then the Man-T-Hose can help. They are specially designed to accommodate older saggy balls, so you know there will be a snug and somewhat comfortable fit.

Why We Love It

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