The Angry Beaver Plush

The Angry Beaver Plush

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Back off, she’s a beaver on the edge!

She’s not mildly irritated; she’s pissed and doesn’t give a dam who knows it! This Angry Beaver is one outraged rodent, and she’s not up for anyone’s BS. She’ll chew you up and spit you out without even mussing her fur.

Mess with the beaver; get the teeth.

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

  • Detachable log, because angry beavers aren’t always in the mood for wood
  • Customizable tag allows you to personalize her with your signature brand of anger
  • Furrowed brows signal the bitter, burning fire in her untamed heart
  • 12 inches of brilliant, pink, mammalian hostility
  • Plush webbed feet and tail to beaver slap anyone who dares cross her

Every Angry Beaver is as different as its owner. Personalize your Angry Beaver with the customizable gift tag. Add your:

  • Given Name
  • Angry Name
  • Birthday
  • Pet Peeves
  • Hobbies

Which Angry Beaver are you?

If you’re sure your cool has permanently been lost, but still aren’t sure if the Angry Beaver is your surly spirit animal, check out some of these scenarios. If any of these situations stir up a strong urge to bite, you’ll know you’ve found your wing-rodent. Nobody forgets the wrath of a truly angry beaver.

The Mad Mommy – You’ve freaking had it with finding empty cereal boxes in the cupboard and relearning basic math because adding just isn’t what it used to be. If bedtime inspires a colorful, not-so-family-friendly vocabulary, and you’re tired of being the only one who can actually see a juice spill on the carpet, the Angry Beaver is calling your name.

The Disturbed Driver – If that monster in front of you doesn’t get the lead out, you’re going to ram your SUV straight up their … WHAT?! No turn signal!?!?! Do moments like these happen on every single trip to the grocery store? They’ll never learn to drive, so you need the Angry Beaver riding shotgun, ready to  flip ‘em the tail at a moment’s notice.

The Social Savage – One too many political posts or whiny rants on social media has driven you well past the brink. You can’t take it anymore and have evolved from a casual observer into a snarky social savage. Your venomous quips are works of piercing poetry, perfect for dressing down any unfortunate moron you stumble upon. Switch your profile pic to your Angry Beaver and let tools and trolls know you’re a word warrior on the warpath.

The Wicked Wife of the West – Wedded bliss gave way to being one funky pair of boxers beside the hamper away from your very own episode of a true crime show. The overflowing trashcan standoff has left you with resting beaver face.  Save your breath, and set the Angry Beaver next to his worn dip in the couch. Her penetrating stare and detachable log will have him chipping away at that honey-do list in no time.

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