Who Farted? Pass the Gas Game

Who Farted? Pass the Gas Game

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When you were a kid, odds are you played the classic game hot potato, but now that you’re an adult your needs have become more sophisticated. Instead of a hot potato, you can now pass around a butt that farts.

The good news is that the farts don’t actually stink, so if an odor does come wafting through you might want to look at your fellow players. Just toss the butt around until the unlucky person gets it as it farts. The Who Farted? Pass the Gas Game is classic and classy fun for all. Just be glad the butt missed out on the burrito bar.

Pass the Gas, Please

A game about farting, how awesome is that? The next time you need a party game for your classy and sophisticated friends, don’t forget about the Who Farted? Pass The Gas Game. Nothing brings friends and family closer together than the sudden expulsion of gas. This is the perfect game for anyone who wants to hide their nervous stomach.


Specs and Stuff

- Game plays like hot potato, only better

- Game starts with a push of the butt button

- Each round ends when the gas ball rips one

- Passing gas never got so many laughs


Who Would Love Who Farted? Pass the Gas Game?

Who loves this game? Hmmm…diplomats, scientists, politicians, accountants, the list is nearly endless. There is a reason why people laugh at fart jokes and why whoopee cushions have been around for decades and still get laughs. Farting is funny, and everyone knows it. Everybody does it from the Hollywood starlet to the guy that makes your cappuccino. In fact, he probably does it while making your cappuccino.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it smell?

While the game simulates farting, it’s only the sound. You don’t have to worry about filling your house with the smell of rotting eggs every time you have a party. If you do smell something, then your bean dip is probably the root of the toot.

Can I play this with my girlfriend?

We’ll let you in on a little secret. Women fart too. Sure, they don’t like to admit it and go through great lengths to hide it - at least early in the relationship, but they have ripped some loud, smelly, nasty farts in their lifetimes. Your woman will love this game.


Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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