Hook Line & Stinker: Toilet Fishing

Hook Line & Stinker: Toilet Fishing

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Potty Fisher, the ultimate bathroom fishing game! All true fishermen are ready to cast their lines at any time. Why not practice reeling in the big catch while you're indisposed? The Potty Fisher- Bathroom Fishing set is the ultimate multi-tasking activity. Every bathroom fishing trip is sure to be a moving experience! 

If you have an avid fisherman on your gift list you can be sure that he will fall for this hilarious gag gift HOOK, LINE AND STINKER.

Unleash the Big One

Guys love to exaggerate. They start out with talk of the “one that got away” on their last big fishing trip, and eventually you’ll hear about the massive dookie they unleashed after a night of burritos and refried beans. They can get the best of both boastful worlds with Hook Line and Stinker: Toilet Fishing. Throw out the line and see watch you catch.


Game includes:

- Fishing pole

- Vinyl lake

- Three colored fish

- Gone Fishin' - Do Not Disturb sign for the door


Who Would Love Hook Line and Stinker: Toilet Fishing?

There are those people who seem to spend half their lives in the bathroom. What can they be doing in there for that long? There are only so many shampoo bottles and air freshener cans to read. Sitting in the john for extensive periods of time can be boring, but not with the Hook Line and Stinker: Toilet Fishing. Your potty lounger will love keeping occupied as he waits for that last bomb to drop.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put in some real fish?

Unless your toilet is underwater, I’d stick with the fake variety. Your bathroom is already going to smell like poo, and you don’t want it reeking of nasty day-old fish too. That would just be gross. It’s a bathroom, not a bait shop. If you’re looking for a challenge, then play after a big meal and see how well you can concentrate.

My Uncle Loves It, But Now Won’t Leave My Bathroom. What Can I Do?

The Hook Line and Stinker: Toilet Fishing game can lead to particularly long bouts of fun and entertainment while in the bathroom. The only thing you can do is a fishervention, but be careful of the toxic aroma. No one said this was going to be easy, but your uncle can be talked off the porcelain throne with persistance and a good set of nose plugs.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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