I'm A Douche Coffee Mug

I'm A Douche Coffee Mug

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Everybody knows a bonafide d-bag. He’s easy to spot by his over-gelled, intentionally mussed hairstyle, orange checked boardshorts and chronic narcissism at home, work or in the office. He can often be found taking selfies like hormonal tween girl.

The only way to handle a true douchebag is to take him down a few pegs with some good old fashioned public humiliation. That’s where the I’m a Douche Surprise Mug comes into play.

Simply take this seemingly average mug and fill it with a half caff mocha latte and serve it to him. He won’t think twice about accepting because d-bags feel everyone should be waiting on them night and day. Every time he lifts the coffee cup to take a sip, he’ll be revealing the hidden message on the bottom – “I’M A DOUCHE.”

At Fun Slurp, we’re crazy about a good prank, and the “I’m a Douche” Coffee Mug is perfect for that annoying boss or pain in the butt relative. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to covertly call someone a douche while they sip coffee every morning. If the shoe fits, drink it…but wash it first.


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— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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