Cool Beans Ice Cubes

Cool Beans Ice Cubes

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With the price of coffee, it's a shame to let any go to waste. With the Cool Beans Ice Tray, you can pour any excess java into the tray, freeze it and then use it later for a high-quality, low-cost frozen coffee treat. A trip to the nearest caffeine cafe for a delicious iced coffee will cost you at least five bucks, and their ice is made from water. What you're left with is a plastic cup full of flavorless joe and an empty wallet. The Cool Beans Ice Tray makes eight coffee bean-shaped coffee cubes which will keep your drink fresh and frosty without ruining the flavor. If you have any iced coffee drinkers on your shopping list, this is a gift that will keep on giving! They can enjoy their favorite icy caffeinated java juice without ever having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

We love this coffee bean ice tray because it's such a simple way to save money and enjoy an elegant iced coffee every day. Who wouldn't love a cafe-quality experience without the drive and hit to the budget? It's perfect for daily indulgence or to bust out when you have visitors to impress. Classy and cost effective? Yes Please!


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  • Allie . Dec 27, 2012
    These are fantastic! I've saved so much money on iced coffees since I bought my Cool Beans. I love using them for entertaining too. Thanks so much!
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