Glacier Rocks Ice Cubes

Glacier Rocks Ice Cubes

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When you’re relaxing with a nice cold drink, the last thing you want is to feel rushed to chug it before the ice waters it down. Enjoy your iced drinks at your leisure with our Glacier Rocks Ice Cubes.

These clever stone ice cubes aren’t ice at all. When you want your drink on the rocks, that’s exactly what you’re getting with Glacier Rocks Ice Cubes.

Because they’re made of “soft” soapstone, they won’t scratch your glassware, but they will chill your drink without diluting it or affecting the integrity of the flavor.


Drink With The Rock of Ages

Why be boring and cool your drink with something that will melt and water it down? Cool people enjoy a nice refreshing liquid using glacier rocks, because they’re hip and chic, yet earthy and natural. They’ve been around for millennia and now they’re in your glass. Congrats on being cool.



 - Chills drinks without watering them down

 - Includes 6 soapstone cubes and storage pouch

 - Freeze 2 hours before use (suggested)

- Won’t absorb or effect the flavor of any drink


Who Would Love Glacier Rock Ice Cubes?

These are definitely for the type of person that doesn’t just settle for the status quo. Anyone that has discerning tastes will love this product. It’s also perfect for that lonely rock collector, because let’s face it, he’s a rock collector. Girls aren’t beating his door down, but these ice cubes will definitely increase his cool factor.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do the ice cubes contain DNA from aliens that crash landed in the arctic millions of years ago?

Probably not. You’ve watched “The Thing” way too many times. If aliens did crash land millions of years ago in the arctic, I doubt they’d spend their time spitting on rocks just to screw with the life forms that would eventually evolve on the planet. Talk about planning a practical joke way in advance. If we’re wrong, kudos to those freakin’ dudes.

Will this actually cool my drink?

It’s not ice, it’s stone. You may think that it’s unlikely that it will be able to keep your drink cool for any period of time. The truth is that these bad boys are made of soapstone which are perfectly suited for efficiently and effectively cooling a drink without diluting it.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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