Mustache Pacifier: Lil Shaver

Mustache Pacifier: Lil Shaver

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Where the nursery meets sheer sophistication. Every kid dreams of growing up and having their own mustache or beard like dear old dad, but your child can get a jump on the competition with the Mustache Pacifier: Lil Shaver. The Mustache Pacifier: Lil Shaver is a fully functional pacifier, but way better because it looks awesome. Your baby will always appear dapper and debonair with his very own stache. He'll be soothed by the pacifier, but still look like Magnum P.I. Warning: Is super chic and may cause masses of toddler girls to swoon at daycare. Rock with caution.

Everyone knows that babies are incredibly cute, and we love anything that will make them even more adorable. The Mustache Pacifier adds a little hair to their upper lip, so you can get an idea of what your child will look like in 20 years. Apparently, it’s just like Magnum P.I.


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