Lil King Pacifier

Lil King Pacifier

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If your idea of a night out is an evening of frog-gigging by candlelight, than your little bundle of joy probably needs the Lil King Pacifier.

Bring your sweet cherub one step closer to being the hillbilly prince of the playground by letting him proudly display a pair of large crooked front teeth with a sassy Elvis lip. It may be a while before his babyteeth come, but he can still have dreams of chewing tobacco and squirrel hunting with the Billy Bob Teeth Pacifier if you give him a set of hillbilly pearly whites. He'll be callin' you Maw in no time.

We believe in keeping Elvis' legacy alive and passing it on to the next generation of blue suede bootie wearers. Every time you pop this snaggletoothed reminder into your baby's mouth we're working together to ensure that the King will live on forever.


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